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A major new international research program of importance to fisheries is likely to be adopted later this year. Ocean Sciences in Relation to Living Resources, sponsored by FAO and IOC, a proposal concerning the relationship between ocean variability and fish variability has been developed by a special group, as well as suggestions for incremental development of a broader program on the relationship of ocean science and living resources.

Some methods available for the study of the population dynamics of tropical fish are reviewed; emphasis is given to questions of growth, mortality and recruitment, and to relatively new approaches, such as aging by means of daily otolith structures, detailed analysis of length-frequency data and to comparative studies.


Sharing systems and patterns of ownerships of several common small scale gears are analysed and compared with those of the small and medium trawlers operating in San Miguel Bay, Philippines. Significant differences between these two groups were found in concentration of ownership, presence of non economic social relationships between owners and crewmen, and flexibility of sharing arrangements.