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The gears used by the small scale fishermen of San Miguel Bay, Philippines, are presented and classified. Numbers around the Bay and catch per effort of the various gears are estimated along with their annual fishing effort. San Miguel Bay catches by gear type and species groups are presented. The estimated total annual catch of fish and crustaceans from the San Miguel Bay small-scale fishery (excluding all types of trawlers) is 7760 t or 9.2t/km2.

A variety of tissues from T. zillii was examined by horizontal starch gel electrophoresis to identify isozymes of potential use as genetic markers for stock identification. Techniques were assessed for 30 enzymes coded for by a total of about 60 gene loci. In each case, full details of methods are given. There is also discussion of the genetic interpretation of isozyme banding.

This paper reviews the available data on San Miguel Bay fisheries and their history, and contrasts "small-scale" and "trawl" fisheries, each of which land about half of the Bay's total catch of 15000 t / year.