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The book deals with the utility of information on behaviour and physiology in the management of fisheries. Papersin the book are grouped into 3 categories: 1) those that apply to the manipulation of fish behaviour essentially through the animals' senses; 2) those that apply to controlling or predicting the reproduction or recruitment of fish; and 3) those that apply to predicting the distribution of fish and their response to fishing gear.

Presents a review of the pathways in which aquatic macrophytes may be involved in the food production process, directly as human food, as livestock fodder, as fertilizer (mulch and manure, ash, green manure, compost, biogas slurry), and as food for aquatic herbivores, such as fish, turtles, rodents and manatees. Suggests research areas.

Manila rope was used for the hanging method of green mussel culture. The monthly density of spat on rope, their rate of growth and environmental factors in the experimental area were determined.