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Domsea Pesquera Chile, Ltda., operated by Fundacion Chile of Santiago, picked the island of Chiloe for their first effort to introduce Pacific salmon in the southern hemisphere. Chloe, at 42°S, is somewhat more northerly than we would have wished, and we were uncertain about the effects of ocean-current patterns offshore. However, Chloe is accessible by road and close to commercial ship and air services.


The fishermen of the mangrove estuaries of western Sri Lanka have evolved a system of fishing that creates an artificial mangrove habitat. It consists of a pile of mangrove brushwood being placed in the shallows of the estuaries and lagoons, pegged down so that the wood will not be scattered by water movement. When the wood rots, new branches are added, so a single park may exist in the same place for a long time.

In scale of operations, variety of species produced, amount of financial backing, and degree of popular and official support, the Japanese fisheries restocking program (saibai gyogyo) is unique. From its birth in 1962 when the government established two hatcheries on the Seto Inland Sea, it has undergone continuous expansion. By 1982, some 37 coastal prefectures are scheduled to have sea farming centers operating. Seven national centers have been opened and five more are under construction.