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Laguna de Bay, the largest lake in the Philippines, has a catchment of about 290,000 ha, a surface area of about 90,000 ha, an average depth of 2.8 m and temperatures of 22-34°C, with little or no thermal stratification. Its waters are frequently turbid due to wind-stirred bottom sediments, detritus, inflowing silt-laden streams and dense plankton.

Despite increased evidence of overfishing of coastal and inland resources in the Indo-Pacific region, government fisheries development programmes, for the most part, retain their 'production' orientation. Using the familiar static economic model of the fishery and assuming the resource is both bilogically and economically overfished, the author examines the likely impact on sustainable yields and fishing incomes of various development programmes.

Fish culturists have long sought for methods to secure year-round availability of gametes from seasonal spawning fish. Spermatozoa of several teleost species have been stored for long periods at liquid gas temperatures, but eggs, whether fertilized or unfertilized, have been considered unlikely candidates for cryopreservation.