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RHINELLA MIRANDARIBEIROI. PREDATION. Rhinalla mirandaribeiroi is a medium-sized bufonid belonging to the R. granulosa group found in the Cerrado Biome and in Cerrado enclaves in the Amazon. Here, we report predation of R. mirandaribeiroi by Leptodeira annulata. This is the first record of R. mirandaribeiroi being preyed by L. annulata. This record contributes to the increase of knowledge about the potential predators of this species, as well for the diet of L. annulata


When fish have only access to formulated feed, the optimal dietary protein to energy ratio (P:E) for tilapia ranges between 18 and 23 g.MJ<sup>-1</sup>. In pond culture, where natural foods complement administrated feed, increasing the carbon:nitrogen (C:N) ratio stimulates the natural food productivity.

Myanmar's fisheries are among the most important globally but remain some of the least documented. The fisheries sector occupies an important place in Myanmar's economy and culture, and is set to change rapidly as the country enters a period of unprecedented political and economic transition.