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Tujuan poster ini adalah untuk meningkatkan keupayaan pengusaha ternakan di peringkat pengeluaran benih, asuhan dan pembesaran untuk mengenali dan melaporkan penyakit tilapia. Pencegahan, pengenalan, diagnosis dan intervensi pada peringkat awal adalah langkah terbaik untuk menguruskan penyakit haiwan akuatik.

Oomycete infections caused by Saprolegnia species represent an escalating problem in sustainable aquaculture development. This could be attributed to the ban of Malachite green and other carcinogenic agents aims at killing the pathogen. The increase in the incidence of saprolegniosis could also be attributed to its ability to form biofilms.

The purpose of this poster is to enhance the capacity of hatcheries, nurseries, grow-out farmers and extension service providers to recognize and report tilapia diseases. Prevention, early recognition, diagnosis and rapid intervention are the best steps to manage aquatic animal diseases. If you observe clinical signs, abnormal behaviour and unusual mortality, contact your local aquaculture health professionals to report and ask for support.