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This year's report contains the Director General's and Chairman's statements illustrating the major thrust of and progress with the approved 2011 strategy. It incorporates details of the financial statement for the past year. There are highlights from projects covering the enhancement of coastal fisheries, livelihood in the Philippines, programs on lake fisheries in Malawi, to capacity building in terms of long term training for local partners and stakeholders.

This project was initiated by FAO in order to address how the ecosystem approach to fisheries and aquaculture can be used to address the impacts of climate change to fisheries and aquaculture in the Near East and North Africa Region (RNEA). This document provides suggestions and recommendations made by the experts regarding the adoption of the ecosystem approach to fisheries and aquaculture that are considered to be important in helping adapt to climate change in the region.

These guidelines provide general advice on potential benefits and implications of promoting aquaculture in refugee settlements and local host communities, specifically in Africa. In particular, they seek to highlight issues critical for translating aquaculture support in refugee situations into sustainable benefits for target populations.