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Farmer-participatory experiments on integrated agriculture-aquaculture (IAA) on smallholder farms in Ghana were conducted. Based on preliminary results the potentials of this integration technology for transforming existing, traditional farming systems to become more sustainable clearly exist. Household economics, together with four sustainability indicators, show that farms which adopt IAA become more sustainable.

Reports the impacts of a three-year project on small-scale integrated farming systems in Ghana. Small farm ponds are potentially one of the most valuable components of integrated resources management systems. They can raise farm productivity and improve income and farm family nutrition.

Results of a twelve-month assessment of the fisheries and aquaculture potential of small waterbodies (SWBs) in the West Gonja District of Northern Ghana are presented. The primary objectives of the project were to established whether the fisheries within the reservoir basins in the West Gonja and Nanumba Districts (Northern Region) could be enhanced and aquaculture associated with the SWBs could be viable.