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To determine how best smallholders could maximize the profitability of their catfish hatcheries, the cost/benefit analyses of using fences, hapas and bird nets to exclude predators; as well as over-stocking to create food shortage, were conducted. As compared to the typical production system (fertilized unfenced ponds) and at a stocking density of 10 two-day old fry/m2, survival increased by 28% in fenced ponds, 34% in open hapas and 55% in bird-netted hapas.

Since 1991, the certification, release and maintenance of new species for aquaculture have become part of the national policy in China. During the past 15 years, this policy has been conducted and improved and has begun to show its significant role in Chinese fisheries. This paper describes the updated system of certification, release and maintenance of new species for aquaculture in China.

Cambodia is the single most important supplier of fresh water fish to its neighboring countries in Asia, and to a limited extent in Australia, and USA. Over the past few years, fish exports from the country have been diversified to include freshwater fish, processed fish, other aquatic animals such as crocodiles and snakes along with marine fish.