Rapid genomic detection of aquaculture

Aquaculture is the world’s fastest growing food sector increasingly and is recognized for its potential to alleviate poverty and hunger in small-scale systems. However, progress is limited by diseases and lack of knowledge and tools to identify fish pathogens, track their origin and manage their spread. Whole genome sequencing informs how pathogens change and move through environments, permitting implementation of evidence-based biosecurity to minimize disease impact. Offsite sequencing services are expensive and cause prohibitive delays.

Inclusive environmental performance through beyond-farm aquaculture governance

This paper examines the potential for improved environmental performance of smallholder aquaculture production through ‘beyond-farm’ governance. Smallholder aquaculture farmers face a range of systemic environmental risks related to disease and water quality that extend beyond the boundary of their farms. Yet most governance arrangements aimed at mitigating risks, such as certification, finance and insurance, are focused on the farm-level rather than the wider landscape within which farming takes place.

WorldFish external events: 125th anniversary of the Department of Fisheries Malaysia (DOF)

WorldFish will join the Department of Fisheries Malaysia (DOFM) on Friday, 22 November 2019, in Penang, Malaysia, to celebrate the Department’s 125th anniversary.

The DOF will organize various exhibitions, demonstrations and stalls featuring various departments, businesses and strategic partners, at the Fisheries Research Institute in Batu Maung.

Risk factors and opportunities of intensive shrimp (Penaeus Monodon) production in Bangladesh

Shrimp aquaculture play an important role in Bangladesh economy. It provides livelihood of several hundred thousand small-scale shrimp farmers and about half a billion United States dollars export revenue each year. The production system in Bangladesh is mainly extensive and productivity is low compare to many Asian countries such as China, Thailand and Vietnam. In recent years, a trend has been observed towards intensive culture system to increase productivity of shrimp farms.


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