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After the tsunami: Shrimp Aquaculture Farming in Aceh

December, 2011- 7 years after the devastating tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands of people in the Indian ocean, and over 135,000 alone in Indonesia, comes a story of hope and resilience as two shrimp farmers from Banda Aceh share with us their ...

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African nations reach key aquaculture partnership

African heads of State reached agreement on key strategies to boost aquaculture on the continent at the 2005 'Fish for All' forum, organized by WorldFish. 'Fish for All' increased awareness of looming shortages in global fish supply ...

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Successful program of genetic improvement of finfish extended to freshwater prawns

WorldFish has expanded its successful program of breeding genetically improved strains of farmed tilapia and carp to include freshwater prawn. The aim is to develop high-yielding strains with good adaptation to environmental challenges and a high survival ...

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Irresponsible aquaculture could threaten environment, report warns

The global aquaculture industry needs to improve operational efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of fish farming as production climbs from 65.8 million tonnes (t) in 2008 to over 100 million t by 2030, according to a new report from WorldFish ...

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WorldFish, FAO, UNEP, World Bank and other organiaztions issue a 'call to action' to the climate change negotiators

CLIMATE CHANGE AND FISHERIES While agriculture and freshwater resources have been central in climate policy discussions, the effects of climate change on fisheries resources – and the implications for the health and livelihoods of fishers in the ...

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WorldFish honored as 2005 Tech Museum Awards Laureate

WorldFish has been named a 2005 Tech Museum Awards Laureate for its development of an improved strain of farmed tilapia, popularly known as GIFT (Genetically Improved Farmed Tilapia). WorldFish will receive the Tech Museum award in the Accenture Economic ...

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WorldFish’s Anti-HIV/AIDS Projects Win World Bank Award

WorldFish scientists in Malawi and Cameroon have won World Bank Global Development Marketplace awards for their work developing cutting-edge solutions to pressing social and economic problems in Africa. • Daniel Jamu's Adapting Aquaculture to HIV ...

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