Accounting for genotype by environment interaction in economic appraisal of genetic improvement programs in common carp Cyprinus carpio

In this study we examine effects of genotype by environment (G×E) interaction due to re-ranking and scaling effects on economic benefit (EB) and benefit to cost ratio (BCR) from a genetic improvement program in common carp at a national level in Vietnam. A discount approach was used for the economic evaluation over a 10 year time horizon. G×E interaction resulting from scaling effects generally had a negligible impact on EB and BCR. However, both EB and BCR decreased with the magnitude of the G×E (i.e.

Research and training center supports growth of aquaculture in Africa

By 2025, African governments hope that 40% of the total fish consumed in Africa will be met by aquaculture. Ongoing research and training provided by the WorldFish-run Africa Aquaculture Research and Training Center in Egypt will be critical to achieving this goal. Since opening in 1998, the center has developed a faster-growing strain of Nile tilapia and trained over 1690 individuals from 105 countries in aquaculture techniques.


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