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Transgenic fish: risks and benefits

Advocates of transgenesis consider it an effective means of improving the productivity of aquatic animals. Opponents see it as a threat to both the environment and human health. This is a challenging area because important traits in fish are complex and ...

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Review of the spawning requirements and feeding ecology of silver carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) and reevaluation of its use in fisheries and aquaculture.

In this paper, available fisheries and aquaculture data on silver carp are reviewed from conservation, fish¬eries management. and aquaculture production perspectives in order to reevaluate its perfor¬mance with respect to the original rationales for its ...

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A review of carp genetic research and possible approaches to genetic improvement of Asian carps.

Currently available information on all aspects of genetics relevant to improving the production efficiency of carpsunder various farming systems is reviewed. With the virtual closure of the life cycle of many of these carps within the culture environments ...

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Accounting for genotype by environment interaction in economic appraisal of genetic improvement programs in common carp Cyprinus carpio

In this study we examine effects of genotype by environment (G×E) interaction due to re-ranking and scaling effects on economic benefit (EB) and benefit to cost ratio (BCR) from a genetic improvement program in common carp at a national level in Vietnam. ...

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Small-scale aquaculture improves the lives of farmers in Myanmar

In Myanmar, the fast-growing aquaculture sector has huge potential to improve the lives of rural households, which make up 70 percent of the population and depend largely on low-yielding agriculture for their livelihoods (FAO 2015).  Research by the ...

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Successful program of genetic improvement of finfish extended to freshwater prawns

WorldFish has expanded its successful program of breeding genetically improved strains of farmed tilapia and carp to include freshwater prawn. The aim is to develop high-yielding strains with good adaptation to environmental challenges and a high survival ...

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