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Five principles for network success in Solomon Islands

Pacific Solomon Islands Sunday, January 1, 2017 Penang, Malaysia: WorldFish. Program Brief: 2017-04 Program brief Program brief Tuesday, February 14, 2017 Download Coastal communities Livelihoods Partnerships Pacific Solomon Islands Blythe, J. Bennett, G. ...

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Small-scale marine fisheries policy in Vietnam

Vietnam’s marine fisheries are considered to be small scale and are concentrated in coastal near-shore waters. This has resulted in heavy pressure on near-shore fisheries resources. Near-shore fisheries are considered by fishers and the government to be ...

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Conserving hilsa and building livelihoods in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, many poor fishers struggle to cope during the government-imposed hilsa fishing ban. Boosting the resilience of the communities whose livelihoods depend on hilsa (also known as ilish), the national fish of Bangladesh, is therefore the goal ...

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Threatened Bangladeshi national fish target of new conservation program

Enhanced Coastal Fisheries in Bangladesh (ECOFISH BD) a new project aimed at conserving stocks of the national fish of Bangladesh, the hilsa, has been launched today at an event in the country’s capital, Dhaka. Funded by USAID and implemented by ...

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Community based fisheries management in Solomon Islands

More than 80% of Solomon Islanders live in coastal communities, where fisheries and marine resources are critical sources of food, nutrition and income. To replenish dwindling fish stocks and ensure plentiful supplies for future generations, communities ...

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Investing in Hope: Rusli's story

The 2004 tsunami that devastated the province of Aceh in Indonesia left in its wake thousands of communities without homes and destroyed the livelihood of farmers who worked the land to produce rice, fish and shrimp. WorldFish, in partnership with the ...

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Sea cucumber ranching improves lives

Declining sea cucumber stocks are driving multinational research collaborations to improve breeding and rearing techniques, for the benefit of local communities. One hundred researchers, government and NGP representatives attended Asia-Pacific Sea ...

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