Tales and stories of dugongs from Solomon Islands

In Solomon Islands, seagrass is found in almost every province. Large seagrass beds can be found in Western, Choiseul and Malaita provinces, and Lau lagoon contains the largest area of seagrass in the country. Seagrass beds are one of the most valuable habitats for Solomon Islanders. Fishers use them as fishing grounds, while farmers use them for mulching their gardens to enrich the soil and help improve their yield. Dugongs are important for keeping coastal habitats healthy, and they are a valuable source of food. In Solomon Islands, dugongs have high cultural value in many communities.

Conservation strategy for dugongs and seagrass habitats in Solomon Islands

This strategy provides direction for implementation of priority actions that are necessary for achieving effective conservation and management of dugong and seagrass habitats. It complements the Fisheries Management Act 2015 and the Wildlife Protection and Management Act (2017) ensuring sustainability of the resources. It also highlights the government’s commitment to continue to collaborate with international and national partners and communities in ensuring dugongs and healthy seagrass meadows are available for the future generations.

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