Mafia marine resources in peril.

The rich marine resource of the Mafia District, Tanzania, especially its coral reefs and mangroves, are in danger of collapse. The proposed marine park faces chronic problems of dynamite fishing and coral mining. The Mafia fisheries resources and the importance of coral reefs are presented together with proposed measures to rescue the Mafia marine environment.

Efforts to save the marine environment in Tanzania.

The Tanzanian marine environment has been under threat for quite a long time now due to human activities. With the establishment of the Marine Parks and Reserve Act in 1994, several areas have been earmarked as marine parks. This act is aimed at conserving and protecting the marine environment all along the Tanzanian coastline. Once the parks and reserves are established and these areas brought under control, there will be a reduction in the illegal operations along the coast.

Local solutions to challenges of West Indian Ocean fisheries development

The West Indian Ocean is rich in biodiversity and marine resources. This paper gives an overview of fisheries development and resource management in the region. There are many shared issues that must be addressed within countries and at the regional level. These are illustrated by examples from three countries. In Mozambique the issues of lack of information about artisanal fisheries, excessive harvesting of juveniles and conflicts between artisanal and commercial sectors are highlighted. Elements in addressing this include targeted research and decision-making support tools.

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