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Assessment of existing and potential feed resources for improving aquaculture production in selected Asian and African countries

This report provides a comprehensive assessment of existing and potential feed resources for improving aquaculture productivity in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Malaysia, Egypt, Nigeria and Zambia. These countries depend heavily on imports for their supply of ...

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Effect of dietary protein to energy ratio, stocking density and feeding level on performance of Nile tilapia in pond aquaculture

There is growing interest to understand the dietary P:E requirements for the supplemental feed used in tilapia pond culture where natural food contributes to production. In an on-farm trial, we tested the effect of lowering dietary P:E ratio on fish ...

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Country events: Horizon Aquaculture Outlet Launch in Zambia

Horizon Aquaculture with support from the Aquaculture Technical Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Project (AQ TEVET) - led by WorldFish and in partnership with Musika and other partners - will be launching fourth outlet in Kasama, Zambia. Horizon Aquaculture has been helping Zambian fish farmers to build the aquaculture space in Zambia by providing feed, fingerlings, equipment, microfinance, technical assistance, and access to markets for all fish farmers. The Zambian Government has prioritized aquaculture development to drive the economic diversification agenda, and in order to provide an affordable animal protein source, address the fish deficit and generate employment and income for the Zambian population.

The AQ TEVET Project is designed to enhance the linkages between the private sector and smallholder commercial fish farmers, improving their ability to organize for improved input supply, aggregation and sale of their outputs as well as their greater participation in other aquaculture value chain activities. The other component of the project aims to upgrade the current fisheries science curriculum and training tools, providing young men and women interested in aquaculture with skills that are relevant to the employment market, particularly the private sector. The launch of the New horizon outlet in Kasama is as a result of the interventions of the project and also showcases the private sector's commitment to investing in the smallholder sector.

WorldFish along with partners from Horizon Aquaculture, Musika, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, smallholder farmers and others will attend the project outlet launch on 31 May from 9.00 am to 10.00 am. The new outlet will be located in Kasama Township, the heart of the Northern Province of Zambia, currently considered as the province with the highest numbers of smallholder fish farmers.

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Kasama, Northern Province
Friday, May 31, 2019
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Feeding both pond and fish: A pathway to ecological intensification of aquaculture systems

The nutritious pond concept is a novel approach that enables the pond itself to contribute significantly to the diet of the farmed fish/shrimp. Our research shows that feeding the pond by balancing the carbon-to-nitrogen ratio can increase the ...

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Hot off the press: New research in May 2019

Each month, we highlight a selection of our new publications. Feed was a focus in May, with a novel feeding system and a plant-based alternative to fishmeal showing potentially significant cost and sustainability benefits. Aquaculture Bangladesh Breeding ...

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Novel fish feed ingredient boosts tilapia growth, new study shows

Fish feeds containing little to no wild-caught fish combined with a novel feed ingredient has the potential to greatly increase the growth of farmed tilapia, finds a new study by WorldFish and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research ...

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Microbial biomass (Novacq™) stimulates feeding and improves the growth performance on extruded low to zero-fishmeal diets in tilapia (GIFT strain)

Worldwide tilapia production is rapidly growing and becoming increasingly reliant on the provision of cost-effective sustainable formulated feeds. In the paper, the authors assessed the capacity for various inclusion rates of the feed additive Novacq™ to ...

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The Current status of aquaculture and aquafeed production in Bangladesh

Over the last decade, dramatic increases in the production of a variety of species from commercial aquaculture systems and sharp increases in per capita fish consumption have occurred in Bangladesh. This transition has been made possible by widespread ...

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Value chain analysis of the aquaculture feed sector in Egypt

This study was carried out to evaluate the value chain performance of the aquaculture feed sector in Egypt, in terms of value addition, employment and profitability. The strengths and weaknesses of each link of the value chain were assessed and ...

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Effect of dietary protein to energy ratio on performance of nile tilapia and food web enhancement in semi-intensive pond aquaculture

When fish have only access to formulated feed, the optimal dietary protein to energy ratio (P:E) for tilapia ranges between 18 and 23 g.MJ-1. In pond culture, where natural foods complement administrated feed, increasing the carbon:nitrogen (C:N) ratio ...

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