Aligning on Key Principles of Sustainable Diets

A virtual convening of key stakeholders across food systems to discuss ways to boost sustainable consumption of healthy and nutritious diets.

Date: Thursday, 22 April 2021

Time: 23:00-00:30 (UTC+8)

In this virtual discussion hosted by World Wildlife Fund (WWF-US), prominent global leaders from the areas of health, nutrition and environmental conservation will come together to discuss the their perspectives on guiding visions for sustainable food systems future for all.

Farming fish in fresh water is more affordable and sustainable than in the ocean

A tidal wave of interest is building in farming the seas. It’s part of a global rush to exploit oceanic resources that’s been dubbed the “blue acceleration.” Optimistic projections say that smart mariculture – fish farming at sea – could increase ocean fish and shellfish production by 21 million to 44 million metric tons by 2050, a 36%-74% jump from current yields. Other estimates suggest that an ocean aquaculture area the size of Lake Michigan might produce the same amount of seafood as all of the world’s wild-caught fisheries combined.

Scientific food systems help biodiversity, livelihoods

Evidence-based collaborative approaches need to be applied to conservation as a million animal and plant species are being pushed to the brink of extinction and fish stocks fall globally. Scientific food systems help biodiversity, livelihoods in many ways. But how? Our experience in Bangladesh was based on a ‘food systems’ approach which identifies solutions that minimize the competing priorities between different parts of the food system: from production to conservation and nutrition. This write up illustrated how scientific food systems help biodiversity, livelihoods.


Practical Aquaculture Feed Management

A virtual training session exploring innovative solutions to boost the sustainability of aquaculture feed management in food production systems in Africa.

Date: Thursday, 8 April 2021

Time: 21:00 (UTC+8)

In this virtual training session hosted by Aquaculture Africa Magazine, aquaculture experts came together to discuss innovative food system solutions to increase the sustainability, efficiency and productivity of aquatic feed management in Africa. 


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