Aquaculture development 3. Genetic resource management

These Technical Guidelines have been developed to support sections of the FAO’s Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries on aspects of genetic resource management in aquaculture. Guidance is provided on broodstock management and domestication, genetic improvement programmes, dissemination programmes for genetically improved fish, economic considerations in genetic improvement programmes, risk assessment and monitoring, culture based fisheries, conservation of fish genetic resources, gene banks, a precautionary approach and public relations.

Gene banking for fish and other aquatic organisms: ICLARM's perspectives and experiences.

Can gene banking of fish and other aquatic organisms contribute to a more stable and equitable future for fisheries and aquaculture? Gene banking contributes significantly to agriculture but is seldom mentioned in fisheries and aquaculture overviews. This paper considers first the broad picture-what is 'gene banking' in this context and what materials could be gene banked in order to ensure the continuation and, where possible, expansion of the contributions of aquatic organisms to world food security and environmental health?

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