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Carrots and sticks: How incentives are conserving the hilsa fishery in Myanmar

Climate change Conservation hilsa Myanmar Overfishing Sustainability Small-scale fisheries Incentive-based fisheries management in Myanmar's Ayeyarwady Delta is helping to protect fish stocks, safeguard biodiversity and support the livelihoods of ...

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Productivity and coastal fisheries biomass yields of the northeast coastal waters of the Bay of Bengal Large Marine Ecosystem

This paper describes the current marine fisheries situation in the northeast sector of the Bay of Bengal, ninety percent of which corresponds to Myanmar's EEZ and ten percent to Bangladesh. With the exception of the research carried out by the ...

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Mouth morphological development of Hilsa (Tenualosa ilisha) larvae collected from Meghna Estuary, Bangladesh

This study was conducted to understand the mouth development during different larval stages of T. ilisha, which might assist in their aquaculture such as choosing the most appropriate live food. hilsa South Asia Bangladesh Riar, Md G.G. Ara, R. Amin, S.M ...

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Catch trend and stock assessment of Hilsa Tenualosa ilisha using digital image measured length-frequency data

In the present study, digital imaging was used to measure length-frequency data from all major migratory habitats of Hilsa. This investigation appears to be the first to generate information using this technique regarding population dynamics and stock ...

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Influence of seasons, habitat sanctuaries, gears and environmental variables on the catches of hilsa shad (Tenualosa ilisha) in Bangladesh waters

The present study was undertaken to determine the influence of season, habitat sanctuaries, gear and physico-chemical features on the catches of hilsa shad in Bangladesh waters. hilsa Fishing gears Ecosystems South Asia Bangladesh Jalilur Rahman, M. Nurul ...

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Conserving hilsa and building livelihoods in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, many poor fishers struggle to cope during the government-imposed hilsa fishing ban. Boosting the resilience of the communities whose livelihoods depend on hilsa (also known as ilish), the national fish of Bangladesh, is therefore the goal ...

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