Industrial organization and price efficiency analysis in fish marketing: theoretical and empirical analysis

The traditional framework for industrial organization based on industry structure, conduct and performance is illustrated using empirical research on fish marketing in Asia and Latin America. This framework is further modified to include price efficiency analysis. A casual flow among the elements of structure, conduct and performance is analyzed using indicators that determine deviations from the perfectly competitivie model.

Chinese market drives demand for overexploited sea cucumber

Despite evidence that sea cucumber is often harvested from the Pacific at an unsustainable rate, a new study has found that Chinese market demand for this revered delicacy remains strong and under weak regulation. In this edition of the WorldFish podcast, WorldFish scientist Hampus Eriksson explains the importance of sea cucumber for Pacific communities and discusses conservation measures to protect these species for future generations.

Community theatre inspires women fish retailers in Egypt

Exposed to the intense Egyptian sun, a woman sits by the side of a dirt road selling freshly harvested tilapia from a local fish farm. Tired after rising at dawn to buy her produce, she is approached by a man who demands that she pay him a fee for her roadside stall or he’ll force her to sell elsewhere. She protests, but with no work license or union support there is little she can do. Their exchange escalates and the man upturns her icebox in anger, spilling her fish across the road.


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