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Small-scale aquaculture improves the lives of farmers in Myanmar

In Myanmar, the fast-growing aquaculture sector has huge potential to improve the lives of rural households, which make up 70 percent of the population and depend largely on low-yielding agriculture for their livelihoods (FAO 2015).  Research by the ...

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Managing Aquatic Agricultural Systems to Improve Nutrition and Livelihoods in rural Myanmar (MYNutrition)

MYNutrition aims to adapt and scale up the innovative integrated aquaculture and fisheries/agriculture-nutrition linkages developed under the IFAD-funded Small Fish and Nutrition project in northwest rural Bangladesh from 2010 to 2013. The project will ...

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Promoting the sustainable growth of aquaculture in Myanmar (MYFC)

The MYFC project aims to introduce low cost polyculture systems with small indigenous species of fish to increase incomes, food security and nutrition for the resource-poor, focusing on women and children. WorldFish will work with four government and NGO ...

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Identifying Hilsa Spawning and Migration Sites in Myanmar

Hilsa (Tenualosa ilisha) is an valuable resource for millions of people in the Bay of Bengal, but its breeding and migratory habits remain largely unknown. Identifying the breeding sites and main inland migration routes of hilsa is important for ...

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Promotion of Agrifood Value Chain Development, Small Farm Modernization and Rural Livelihoods in Myanmar

Food systems in Myanmar have the potential to be highly productive and support the demands of a growing population. This project aims to promote agricultural productivity and nutrition and to enhance livelihoods through an improved policy environment. New ...

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Improving Research and Development of Myanmar's Inland and Coastal Fisheries (MYFish)

The fisheries sector in Myanmar is vital for national food security, income generation and export earnings. It is estimated that aquaculture and fisheries directly employ more than 3 million people and that between 12 and 15 million people benefit from ...

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