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From local to global: How research enables resilient and sustainable small-scale fisheries

Small-scale capture fisheries—where fishers operating from the shore or small fishing vessels use simple methods to catch fish from inland or coastal waters—are an often irreplaceable source of nutrition and income in the developing world. Ensuring the ...

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Inland aquaculture holds promise in Solomon Islands

Fish is a diet staple in Solomon Islands, a country of 992 islands surrounded by productive coastal fisheries. But for inland communities, where fresh fish are expensive to buy and supply is irregular, fish consumption is often low. “In the past, normally ...

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Aquaculture makes fish accessible to inland communities in Solomon Islands

Lionel Maeliu, lives in Busurata village in the highlands of Malaita Province, Solomon Islands. Like many in this area, he is a subsistence farmer with little formal education. Since his youth Lionel has watched his people walk five hours to buy fish from ...

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Participatory Action Research in Malaita, Solomon Islands

The province of Malaita, where many people rely on subsistence fishing and farming, faces many challenges including increasingly depleted marine resources, limited access to markets for agricultural goods, and pressures from population growth. “The ...

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Saving mangroves in Solomon Islands

Mangroves are important ecosystems that provide food, firewood, building materials, and shoreline protection for coastal communities. They are also vital nursery grounds for fisheries, which support the livelihoods of 85% of people in the Solomon Islands. ...

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