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WorldFish Director General Stephen Hall launches aquaculture podcast

WorldFish Director General Stephen Hall's essential aquaculture blog, Expiscor, is now available for mobile devices as a downloadable podcast at the iTunes Store and for viewing on the WorldFish YouTube channel. The new podcast service aims to be the ...

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Expiscor - Fish - Making a meal of it

27 million tonnes of fish are used each year to feed animals, can we use these better? There is something circular about the idea of catching fish to use as feed for farmed fish, livestock, poultry and our pets. And with about one third of the global fish ...

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WorldFish sponsors attendees at Crawford Fund master class

Agricultural research institutions must improve how they communicate the benefits of agricultural science investment. This was the thinking driving the recent WorldFish sponsorship of two institutions to attend a recent Crawford Fund communications master ...

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WorldFish announces Aquatic Agricultural Systems research oversight panel

WorldFish has announced the independent members of the oversight panel for the CGIAR Research Program on Aquatic Agricultural Systems. The eight-strong team will provide strategic support and guidance for the essential international research. The newly ...

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Expiscor - Fish and nutrition - Not all fish are created equal

How do we help the malnourished by choosing which fish is most nutritious? The idea that fish is a healthy diet choice is widespread, but fish differ in the benefits they offer, with implications for how we help the malnourished. ...

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Sea cucumber ranching improves lives

Declining sea cucumber stocks are driving multinational research collaborations to improve breeding and rearing techniques, for the benefit of local communities. One hundred researchers, government and NGP representatives attended Asia-Pacific Sea ...

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WorldFish nominees win science awards from the CGIAR

WorldFish featured in three of eight 2004 science awards announced in Mexico City (27 October) by the CGIAR, a strategic alliance of food and environmental researchers working to improve the productivity and profitability of agriculture, fisheries, ...

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WorldFish works to put fish in diets of HIV sufferers in Zambia

WorldFish and partners in Zambia have found evidence suggesting the introduction of fish into the diet can help prevent or slow the onset of AIDS-related illnesses among HIV sufferers. Clinical trials found strong indications that adding 2.5 kg of dried ...

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Small fisheries essential to developing economies

Small fisheries provide over half the catch in developing countries and provide 90% of all fishery jobs, recent WorldFish research reveals. In collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and many national partners, WorldFish has ...

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