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Sea cucumber ranching improves lives

Declining sea cucumber stocks are driving multinational research collaborations to improve breeding and rearing techniques, for the benefit of local communities. One hundred researchers, government and NGP representatives attended Asia-Pacific Sea ...

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WorldFish nominees win science awards from the CGIAR

WorldFish featured in three of eight 2004 science awards announced in Mexico City (27 October) by the CGIAR, a strategic alliance of food and environmental researchers working to improve the productivity and profitability of agriculture, fisheries, ...

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WorldFish works to put fish in diets of HIV sufferers in Zambia

WorldFish and partners in Zambia have found evidence suggesting the introduction of fish into the diet can help prevent or slow the onset of AIDS-related illnesses among HIV sufferers. Clinical trials found strong indications that adding 2.5 kg of dried ...

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Small fisheries essential to developing economies

Small fisheries provide over half the catch in developing countries and provide 90% of all fishery jobs, recent WorldFish research reveals. In collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and many national partners, WorldFish has ...

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