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Contagious exploitation of fish stocks calls for re-thinking of global fisheries governance

Global marine resource exploitation can spread following patterns that are analogous to disease epidemics says a new paper by WorldFish and Stockholm Resilience Centre. The study highlights how the speed and connectivity of seafood commerce is challenging ...

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Chinese market drives demand for overexploited sea cucumber

Despite evidence that sea cucumber is often harvested from the Pacific at an unsustainable rate, a new study has found that Chinese market demand for this revered delicacy remains strong and under weak regulation. In this edition of the WorldFish podcast, ...

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Report notes decline in shark fin trade while another endangered species suffer

While shark’s fin soup has long been a revered delicacy for the Chinese, trade in shark has recently declined, notes a new study from WorldFish scientist Hampus Eriksson and shark trade expert Shelley Clarke from the Australian National Centre for Ocean ...

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