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Livelihood diversification in coastal and inland fishing communities: misconceptions, evidence and implications for fisheries management

The paper starts with a review of the concept of diversification, encompassing its associated dimensions, typology and influencing factors. Linkages between diversification and poverty are also briefly outlined in this section. The case of diversification ...

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Conserving hilsa and building livelihoods in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, many poor fishers struggle to cope during the government-imposed hilsa fishing ban. Boosting the resilience of the communities whose livelihoods depend on hilsa (also known as ilish), the national fish of Bangladesh, is therefore the goal ...

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Chuma and Sifuba’s story: Overcoming economic imbalance

Chuma and Sifuba’s story features in one of the seven real-life video case studies that are part of the Moving Forward Together guide, produced by WorldFish and Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs. ...

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Helping families overcome gender-based challenges in Zambia

WorldFish and Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs partnered together to produce the Moving Forward Together guide, which is now ready for piloting with communities. ...

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Study confirms vital importance of fisheries to Cambodia's Lower Mekong Basin

The latest WorldFish study confirms the vital importance of freshwater fishing to the nutrition and way of life of the Lower Mekong Basin population. The study shows freshwater capture fisheries provide 47 to 80% of the animal protein consumed by those ...

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WorldFish helps reveal the importance of Cambodia's fisheries

WorldFish and Cambodia's Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) have developed new tools that have helped improve the country's understanding of the importance of fisheries to food security and economic well-being in the country. ...

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Small fisheries essential to developing economies

Small fisheries provide over half the catch in developing countries and provide 90% of all fishery jobs, recent WorldFish research reveals. In collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and many national partners, WorldFish has ...

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