Charting multidisciplinary research and action priorities towards the conservation and sustainable management of sea turbles in the Pacific ocean : a focus on Malaysia

The four sea turtle species found in Malaysia are the leatherback, olive ridley, green and hawksbill. The threats to these species are acute. Populations of leatherback, olive ridley and hawksbill turtles are on the brink of collapse – threatening a biodiversity crisis in Malaysia and the region. On 16-17 August 2004, a workshop was convened in Kijal, Terengganu, to chart new directions in the conservation of Malaysia’s critically endangered sea turtles and to reverse population decline.

Approaches to turtle culture

The aim of this article is to compare two extremes of approaches taken to turtle culture projects. At one extreme is the capital-intensive operation aimed at realizing a profit, e.g., that of Mariculture Ltd. on Grand Cayman Island. At the other end of the scale is the small, village-industry operation which has been tried or is still being tested in several developing regions. While commercial viability may also be an aim of this latter approach, other considerations seem to be important in assessing success, e.g., the provision of employment.

Strategic planning for long-term financing of Pacific leatherback conservation and recovery

45 experts on sea turtles, fisheries, conservation and finance from 10 countries convened at the Bellagio Sea Turtle Conservation Initiative workshop in Terengganu, Malaysia, to focus on methods to save the imperiled Pacific leatherback from extinction. The group developed a strategic plan to guide the prioritization and long term financing of Pacific leatherback turtle conservation and recovery objectives.

What can be done to restore Pacific turtle populations?: The Bellagio blueprint for action on Pacific sea turtles

The Bellagio Blueprint for Action on Pacific Sea Turtles is an outcome of the Bellagio Conference on the Conversation and Sustainable Management of Sea Turtles organized jointly by the WorldFish Center and U.S. NOAA Fisheries. During 17-21 November, 2003, a multi-disciplinary group of 25 experts met in Bellagio, Italy to draft an Action Plan on Pacific Sea Turtles. The group recognized the serious state of sea turtle populations in the Pacific and the escalating nature of human threats to the turtles.

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