Effect of fishpond input on pond mud nutrient levels in integrated crop-fish culture resource recycling.

The success of aquaculture among small holder farmers in Malawi, depends on the use of the available on-farm resources. Commercial fish feeds are currently not available. Fish ponds open possibility for recycling of waste products and nutrient when integrated with crop and/or animals on the farm. The inputs used for growing fish increase the nutrient content of water and sediments.

Promoting small-scale aquaculture for food security and nutrition in Africa and Asia

Bina Roy lives in rural Bangladesh. She is a wife, mother, a farmer and a fisher. Bina is also secretary to the committee that oversees fishing practices in her village. In 2002, she and her neighbors began implementing several new aquaculture practices to boost farmed fish production. The result: fish production increased by 20%  and the improved practices have spread to 1,200 villages across Bangladesh's lowland floodplains, and are now yielding more than 1,200 tons of fish each year and generating nearly US$1 million in additional income.


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