Investing in Hope: Rusli's Story

The 2004 tsunami that devastated the province of Aceh in Indonesia left in its wake thousands of communities without homes and destroyed the livelihood of farmers who worked the land to produce rice, fish and shrimp. WorldFish, in partnership with the Aceh Society Development (ASD) Cooperative, has helped to put communities back on their feet through providing vital assistance in the development of local small-scale aquaculture enterprises.

The photofilm Investing in hope: Rusli's Story, commissioned by the WorldFish, shows the journey of Acehnese shrimp farmer Rusli, and the renewed hope and income he found through the development of his shrimp farm, which was established by the Cooperative after the tsunami tore through his village. "Before I had shrimp ponds, my life was difficult and it was hard to find money to support my family. Now, I'm happy because my life is no longer a mess, and I'm proud of my accomplishments," Rusli said.

Rusli's Story is echoed by thousands of small-scale fish and shrimp farmers that now operate in Northern Sumatra.

WorldFish is committed to using sustainable aquaculture to reduce poverty and hunger, and improve the lives of fish and shrimp farmers like Rusli in Aceh.