Simple Technology Improves hatchery production scenario in Bangladesh

Most of the fish hatcheries of Bangladesh are situated at Jessore district. Oxygen concentration in the water of these hatcheries is very low and carbon dioxide level is higher than desired. These factors lead to very low survival rates of hatchlings and resultant economic losses. Owners were unaware that their hatcheries faced this critical problem. The USAID funded Feed the Future Aquaculture project, implemented by WorldFish is supporting hatchery owners to install aeration towers to mitigate this problem. This tower is made of locally available materials using simple technology and is easily affordable for the hatchery owners. This technology lifts the oxygen level up from 3 to 8 mg per liter, which increases the hatching rate up to 95 per cent. Fish hatchery owners who adopted the technology have now doubled the amount of fish seed they produce by comparison with the pre-intervention period of the project.