WorldFish, Apon Wellbeing improve RMG workers’ nutritional status

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Husband and wife cleaning seaweed after drying at Nuniarchora, Cox Bazar, Bangladesh. Photo by M Arifur Rahman, ECOFISH II project, WorldFish Bangladesh

Under a partnership with WorldFish, Apon jointly with Parmeeda introduced fish and fish-based products initially in October 2020.The customers prefer to purchase Rohu, Silver Carp, Pangas, and Tilapia. Apon also encourages its customers to purchase small fish. Apon, with technical assistance from WorldFish, carries out regular nutrition awareness campaigns including audio announcements inside garments factories carrying messages explaining the benefits of small fish consumption.

Apon Wellbeing, a multi-channel marketplace start-up that provides affordable retail products with credit benefits and yearly health insurance coverage of up to Taka 15,000 to RMG workers through collaboration between service providers, manufacturers, and communities.

It is an innovative scheme designed to address the well-being of industrial workers, particularly Ready-Made Garments workers, through an inclusive business model in Bangladesh.

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This news was published on the Daily Observer on 15th July 2022