Zambian fish farmer Serge Nsombo tends to his pond in the Luwingu District. Photo by Chosa Mweemba.Northern Zambia’s growing small-scale aquaculture sector offers new opportunities to improve food and nutrition security and boost income. The full potential of rural smallholder farms can be realized through investment in key inputs and markets along aquatic food value chains. … Read the rest
Transporting live fish in Bangladesh typically requires close contact between value chain actors. Photo by Noor Alam.Approximately 200 metric tons of live fish are transported to markets every day in Bangladesh. The onset of COVID-19 disrupted these transportation networks and threatened the health, safety, and livelihoods of aquaculture value chain actors. Forced to travel to markets … Read the rest
Introducing fishing bans during the hilsa breeding season greatly improved hilsa stocks in the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh. Photo by Mohammad Mahabubur Rahman.A food systems approach led the extraordinary recovery of hilsa fish stocks while boosting the livelihoods and food security of those dependent on aquatic food systems in Bangladesh. Balancing restrictions on fishing with the promotion of alternative … Read the rest
A small-scale aquaculture farmer tends to his pond in the Ayeyarwady Delta. Photo by Toby Johnson.WorldFish researchers are working alongside small-scale aquatic food producers and value chain actors in Myanmar to strengthen the resilience of aquatic food-based livelihoods impacted by both COVID-19 and widespread pollution. Aquatic foods caught and harvested in inland waters like lakes … Read the rest
WorldFish researchers examine infected fish in the lab of the Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute. Photo by Habibul Haque.While aquaculture is a growing industry in Bangladesh, prevailing disease outbreaks in farmed fish and shrimp populations limit the sector’s capacity. Bacterial and viral diseases result in large die-offs, low yields, and loss of income for many of the country’s … Read the rest
Rehabilitating coastal livelihoods and communities requires understanding residents’ livelihood strategies and vulnerabilities to build resilience and sustainability. Photo by Alexander Tewfik.The artist John Olsen is known for his depictions of Australian landscapes through rich paths of meandering lines overlaid with colorful splotches that catch the imagination and connect the mind to a scene. To me, Olsen’s reflection on his creative … Read the rest
WorldFish staff delivers broodstock to a hatchery operator in Zambia's Northern Province. Photo by Mary Lundeba.Aquatic foods caught and harvested in inland waters have long been an important part of the economy and diets in Zambia, which has 20 percent of its land covered by water. While inland fisheries have historically been the main way … Read the rest
Women account for 30 percent of the aquaculture workforce in Bangladesh. Photo by Felix Clay/Duckrabbit.Through disruption to aquatic food value chains, the COVID-19 pandemic has jeopardized the livelihoods of small-scale fish farmers in Bangladesh. Many of the nation’s rural inland and coastal communities depend on the aquatic food systems… Read the rest
Women fish retailers negotiate fish prices with wholesalers, Shakshouk village, Fayoum, Egypt. Photo by Sara Fouad.This blogpost highlights 2020 research outputs of the WorldFish gender theme as part of the CGIAR Research Program on Fish Agri-Food Systems (FISH). Here, we focus on research examining gender in aquaculture, in particular gender-based market constraints in Egypt, and … Read the rest
Women are crucial to nutrition-sensitive aquatic food system innovations, providing labor, innovative ideas, and entrepreneurship. Photo by Neil Palmer.WorldFish’s Global Lead for Nutrition and Public Health, Aquatic Food Systems, and Vice Chair of the 2021 UN Food System Summit Action Track 4: Advance Equitable Livelihoods, Dr. Shakuntala Thilsted, shares her experience developing nutrition-sensitive innovations that are transforming women’s … Read the rest


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