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Emerging Youth: Nan Win Htwe

Posted by Sean Lee Kuan Shern - 4 minutes read

Youth, Small-scale aquaculture, Entrepreneurship

Emerging Youth: Saifuddin Rana

Posted by Sean Lee Kuan Shern - 4 minutes read

Youth, fish value chains

Maintaining the harmony between rivers and forests to safeguard food and nutrition security in Zambia

Posted by Agness Chileya - 4 minutes read

Sustainability, Ecosystems, Rivers

Leveraging on multi-utility waterbodies to sustainably produce aquatic foods in India

Posted by Neetha Shenoy , Sourabh Kumar Dubey - 5 minutes read

Sustainability, Resource management, Women's empowerment, Livelihoods

Protecting Inle Lake for the long-term well-being of the local fisherfolk

Posted by Nang Tin May Win, Michael Joseph Akester , Syed Aman Ali - 4 minutes read

Sustainability, Environment, Livelihoods, Nutrition

Cross-center learning between CIMMYT and WorldFish

Posted by WorldFish - 3 minutes read

Developing sustainable aquatic feeds for resilient aquatic food systems in Sub-Saharan Africa

Posted by Sean Lee Kuan Shern - 3 minutes read

Sustainability, Aquaculture feeds, Nutrition

WorldFish wins bid to host IIFET 2024

Posted by Sean Lee Kuan Shern - 3 minutes read

blue economy, Fisheries, Aquaculture, Trade

Establishing inclusive resource management models in the Pacific

Posted by John Bakum - 4 minutes read

Gender, Sustainability, Natural Resource Management, Inclusion

Why food systems transformation must be a priority at Stockholm+50

Posted by WorldFish - 4 minutes read

Nutrition & Health, Value chains, food systems transfrmation, Sustainability

Support Pacific neighbours by strengthening indigenous food systems

Posted by WorldFish - 4 minutes read

Food systems, Nutrition & Health, Food security, Nutrition security

In the Spotlight: Md Nahiduzzaman

Posted by Kate McMahon - 4 minutes read

Resilient Small-scale fisheries, Livelihoods, Climate change

Achieving food and nutrition security in Myanmar and Zambia through aquatic foods

Posted by Quennie Rizaldo , Agness Chileya - 4 minutes read

Nutrition, Value chains, Small fish

Renewing partnerships with Malaysian universities

Posted by Sean Lee Kuan Shern - 4 minutes read

Partnerships, aquatic food systems, Sustainability, Research

Partnering with Bank Asia to provide loans to small-scale aquatic food producers in Bangladesh

Posted by Debasish Bhattacharjee , Mohammad Hossain - 4 minutes read

Financing, Sustainability, Aquaculture, Resilient Small-scale fisheries

Working with journalists in Bangladesh to educate the public on aquatic food systems

Posted by Maherin Ahmed - 3 minutes read

Aquaculture, training, economy

A critical look at livelihood diversification

Posted by Kate McMahon - 3 minutes read

Livelihood diversification, Sustainable Development, Resilient Small-scale fisheries, Research

Ushering in a shared prosperity through aquatic food systems

Posted by Essam Yassin Mohammed - 4 minutes read

Sustainability, Resilient Small-scale fisheries, Development, equality