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In-shore fisheries play a critical role in the economies of the Pacific Islands. But national governments have been preoccupied with the development and regulation of off-shore tuna fisheries for export. Belatedly, governments in the region are recognizing the importance of coastal fisheries for rural development and food security. In 2015, the Pacific Islands Forum Leaders endorsed the ‘New Song for coastal fisheries’, committing themselves to refocus the efforts of their country’s fisheries agencies. WorldFish and the LMMA network interviewed representatives of civil society organizations in Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Fiji to assess the progress made by the government in reforming coastal fisheries. (2019)

Van Der Ploeg, Johan
Tuxson, Teri
Boso, Delvene
Qica, Eitka
Cohen, Philippa
Govan Hugh
Social Sciences