13 Jul 2020

As part of their current webinar series covering the UKRI aquaculture initiative consortia projects, the Aquaculture Research Collaborative Hub UK (ARCH-UK) held a session for the “AquaLeap project.”

Date: Monday, 13 July 2020

Time: 21:00-21:45 (UTC+8) 

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This event, led by Professor Ross Houston, from the University of Edinburgh, a key partner in WorldFish’s genetics research The AquaLeap Early Career Researchers, provided an overview of the industry relevance of the project, plus an update on their latest experiments and future plans. The session presented through the eyes of the Early Career Researchers currently employed on the project.

About the ARCH-UK:

ARCH-UK is an academia led network that connects the UK aquaculture community. We sign-post research council funding (BBSRC/NERC), create events to develop skills and facilitate innovative collaborations.  ARCH-UK is made up of eight working groups, each includes a wide range of UK aquaculture stakeholders from academia, industry and policy. Working Groups organise workshops based on feedback from our extensive and varied member base. 

The ARCH-UK Management Team consists of four academic Grant Holders from universities across the UK and two Coordinators. Management is split between two offices, one at the University of Stirling, the other at Swansea University. The Grant Holders and Coordinators communicate regularly, although WG 1, 2, 5, 6 and 8 is managed from the University of Stirling and WG 3, 4, 7 are managed from Swansea University.

For more information about the ARCH-UK, visit the website here.


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