A conference exploring topics reflecting transformation, modeling, adaptation, and development in the rapidly changing global landscape.

Date: Monday-Thursday, 30 January-2 February 2023

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The Arctic Frontiers 2023: Moving North, in partnership with the world’s leading actors in the Arctic, including the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Research Council of Norway, the Arctic Marin Ecosystem Research Network (ARCTOS), the Arctic University of Norway and many others, will focus the long-term and short-term impacts of the environmental, humanitarian, and economic crises, with the aim of identifying potential solutions to these crises.

The Arctic Frontiers conference seeks to build new partnerships across nations, generations, and ethnic groups through a forum for dialogue and communication on seven science themes, covering a wide range of topics in physical and social sciences, including:

- occupational health and safety in the Arctic;

- city transformation by and for citizens using digital technologies and visualization;

- modeling and monitoring challenges to maritime safety in a changing Arctic;

- plastic pollution, priorities, and perspectives in the Arctic;

- impacts and adaptations in response to Atlantification/Borealization of the Arctic Ocean;

- adaptive management of rapidly changing Arctic ecosystems using interdisciplinary and system-science approaches; and

- assembling the valuable and vulnerable North.

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Arctic Frontiers 2023 Moving North