A virtual webinar to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of biofloc for the future of fish farming.

Date: Thursday, 23 September 2021

Time: 21:00 (UTC+8)

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Biofloc has been an enigma to many fish farmers. Some know a little about it, while others have studied the details. Some will tell you that it is the future of fish farming and that the savings in feed cost will see your profits rise, while others will tell you that biofloc is for wizards and witchdoctors.

In this virtual learning session hosted by Aquaculture Africa Magazine, aquaculture experts will explain the basic concepts of biofloc, consider its advantages and disadvantages to the productivity of the aquaculture sector and discuss its application through research and innovations from USA to Africa.


Invited speakers and their presentations: 

H Stander – Introduction to Biofloc – What is it and What are the Basic Concepts

B Green – Biofloc Technology Production Research - Lessons from the USA

R Kourie – Biofloc Technology for Africa - An Introduction to the Potential

M Emerenciano – Biofloc Technology Today and Beyond: #10 Take-home Lessons


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