6 Aug 2020

A virtual round table which discussed Bangladesh’s vast fish production-scale and the poor availability of fish and aquatic food resources for the local people. 


Date: Thursday, 6 August 2020

Organizers: Prothom Alo and WorldFish 


Bangladesh is among the top world producers of fish from rivers, ponds, and other water bodies. Yet a large section of the poor people in the country cannot avail of an adequate amount of fish. That is why concerted efforts of various government organizations and the private sector are needed alongside the fisheries department to increase fish production. 


These observations were made at a Virtual Roundtable on “Marine biodiversity, ocean economy and welfare of fishermen” which featured WorldFish’s scientist, Abdul Wahab, Climate Change Research Leader, Essam Yassin Mohammed, and former Director-General of the Fisheries Department, Sayed Arif Azad.


Part of the discussion included the settlement of the maritime boundary, which will create limitless possibilities for the Bay of Bengal, a treasure trove of fish and biodiversity. As Bangladesh is part of the eight-nation of the Bay of Bengal project, the nation will receive cooperation in the removal of heavy metal pollution in the coastal areas, protection, and sustainable harnessing of ocean resources as part of the Delta Plan.


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