A virtual launch of the innovative tool 'FishNutrients' with Daniel Pauly, the most highly cited fisheries scientist, and Shakuntala Thilsted, the 2021 World Food Prize Laureate.

Date: Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Time: 22:00 – 23:00 (UTC+8)

Watch the event recording:

Fish are increasingly recognized as key to addressing the planet’s malnutrition challenge. Packed with essential micronutrients, fish are crucial to human health in many geographies. Despite their nutritional benefits, the potential of fish as part of modern diets, particularly the diets of vulnerable social groups in developing countries, remains largely unknown and unmet. FishNutrients helps address the knowledge gap for the nutritional composition of fish by providing easy access to open-source nutrient data for over 5000 fish species across the world.

This was a celebration of innovation and collaboration with a panel of experts who discussed how this tool has and can be, used to develop pathways for better nutrition and health. The panel of experts explained how the FishNutrients scientific model has been developed and share insights on the ongoing innovation within FishBase - one of the CGIARs most celebrated digital innovations

This event was hosted by: WorldFish, Lancaster University, FishBase, Sea Around Us - University of British Columbia, Dalhousie University, Minderoo Foundation, Oak Foundation and the CGIAR Research Program on Fish Agri-food Sytems (FISH).

Invited speakers:

Daniel Pauly, Founder of FishBase & Head of Sea Around Us, Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries

Shakuntala Thilsted, Global Lead, Nutrition and Public Health, WorldFish & 2021 World Food Prize Laureate

Christina Hicks, Professor, Environment Centre, Lancaster University

Phillipa Cohen, Research Program Leader, Resilient Small-scale Fisheries, The CGIAR Research Program on Fish Agri-Food Systems

Deng Palomares, Senior Scientist & Project Manager, Sea Around Us, Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, University of British Columbia

Aaron MacNeil, Associate Professor, Ocean Frontier Institute, Department of Biology, Dalhousie University

Kendra Travaille, Research Manager, Sustainable Fisheries, Minderoo Foundation Flourishing Oceans

Anya Waite, Vice-President Research (Ocean), Ocean Frontier Institute, Dalhousie University

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FishNutrients - Launching an innovative new tool to help address malnutrition