WorldFish Headquarters
12 Jul 2019

Please join us on 12 July 2019 (Friday), from 03:15 AM to 04:00 AM (UTC) (time zone converter) at the Tilapia & Chambo Meeting Rooms, Block J, WorldFish HQ for a Food For Thought seminar. The presentation will be given by Dr. Long Chu, Hoang from the Australian National University on ‘Triple-win aquaculture for economic, social, and environmental benefits’. The session will also be streamed live via Skype for Business for audiences participating remotely at the following hyperlink: https://meet.lync.com/cgiar/t.khoo/MD08P3PB

There is increased competition for inputs such as land, water, energy, and other inputs for sustainable food production. A key challenge in aquaculture development policies is the paradox of economic efficiency, social considerations, and environmental conservation. By examining data from a household survey in Vietnam, we find that mangrove aquaculture, if properly designed, can be a triple-win approach. Mangrove aquaculture offers the highest rate of return compared to other types of aquaculture farming while it requires a modest up-front investment, which is well-suited to the poor people. The best rate of return would be achieved if mangrove coverage were to be around 60%. This finding supports the view that there is not necessarily a trade-off between economic efficiency and environmental conservation. It differs from a common view of farmers that aquaculture farming would be more profitable with less mangrove. Our findings provide important implications for aquaculture policies in developing countries and emphasize the importance of complementary programs, such as awareness enhancement and training, toward sustainable development objectives.

Dr. Long Chu, Hoang is a senior lecturer at the Crawford School of Public Policy, the Australian National University. He is an applied economist focusing on the economics of environment and resource management. Dr. Long specializes in quantitative methods, especially creating models to support policy making and the policy evaluation process in the Indo-Pacific region. His research has been published in the world’s leading journals such as Fish & Fisheries, Earth’s Future, Ecological Economics, and Environmental Modeling & Software. Dr. Long has extensive teaching experience in many countries including Australia, Vietnam, and Laos. At the Australian National University, he has been teaching several Masters/PhD courses such as Mathematical Methods in Applied Economics, Applied Economic Dynamics, and Masters Microeconomics. Dr. Long is the recipient of a number of awards and honors, including the prestigious Eureka Prize in Australian science.

Please come along to what promises to be a stimulating and interesting talk. Hope to see you there!

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