A virtual dialogue exploring the role of small fish in providing sustainable, nutritious and culturally-acceptable diets and livelihood outcomes for all peoples and planet.

Date: Wednesday-Saturday, 22-25 November 2021

Time: To be announced!

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(Please note: Choose ‘Session 3: Dried Small Fish: Ecology, Value Chains and Nutrition’)

Dried, salted, fermented, pickled small fish, and derivative products are an important and ancient category of processed aquatic foods. They supply a concentrated source of micro-nutrients to diets of large populations in Asia, provide livelihoods to millions of small-scale fishers, processors and traders, and are a culturally significant component of Asian cuisines.

In this session, scientists working in ecology and nutrition of small fish and dried/processed small fish value chains from the West Pacific to East, Southeast and South Asia, will convene to discuss the links among ecology, value chains and nutrition related to small fish, used for drying and other forms of processing, in rapidly changing environmental and economic contexts.

WorldFish’s Global Lead in Nutrition and Public Health Shakuntala Thilsted will join the session to draw on her expertise in the nutritious small pelagic fish, such as anchovy and sardine, and the food, nutrition and income benefits they bring to producers, traders and consumers. She will also discuss the ecology of fish species and research and innovations in aquatic food systems can address climate and human impacts.

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IMBeR West Pacific Symposium 2021: Dried Small Fish: Ecology, Value Chains and Nutrition