18 Jul 2019 to 24 Jul 2019

The 27th “National Fish Week-2019 is being observed across Bangladesh 18-24 July 2019. This special week entirely dedicated to fish is an existing opportunity to raise awareness and encourage individuals and fish farming communities to practice sustainable fish farming, better-manage natural resources while helping prevent the extinction of various species of indigenous fish.

Her Excellency Sheikh Hasina Prime Minister of Bangladesh inaugurated the ‘National Fisheries Week-2019’ at Krishibid Institute, Dhaka on Thursday, 18 July 2019 and officially launched the Fish Fair 2019. "The fish which we'll export should be of good quality so that those can enter the international markets" - remarked Sheikh Hasina during her speech on the importance of consuming safe and nutritious fish.

WorldFish Bangladesh has already set up an excellent booth at the Fish Fair and is being represented by several projects, to name a few: Bangladesh Aquaculture and Nutrition Activity (BANA), ECOFISH-Bangladesh, Aquaculture: Increasing Income, Diversifying Diets and Empowering Women in Bangladesh and Nigeria project (BMGF), Suchana, etc. The booth has had countless of visitors over the weekend and has been nominated for the Fish Fair award 2019.

Celebrations for National Fish Week will run for the entire week across Bangladesh, while fish fries are being released in several ponds, haors, canals, and rivers.

Please stay tuned on WorldFish’s social media this week while we revisit some of our past publications focused on Bangladesh. Follow the #nationalfishweek thread on Twitter and help us promote this campaign.

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