2 Apr 2019 to 4 Apr 2019

The fourth OIE Global Conference on Aquatic Animal Health will highlight the critical contribution of aquatic animal health programmes to improving aquaculture productivity and sustainability, and consequently the availability of high-quality protein to feed the world.

Aquaculture is recognized as the fastest-growing food-animal production sector in the world, with nearly 50% of the global supply of aquatic animals for human consumption now derived from aquaculture. Recent projections indicate that to satisfy the growing global demand for aquatic food, by the year 2030, global aquatic food production will have to double, with the majority coming from aquaculture.

However, aquatic animal disease outbreaks continue to cause significant losses in aquaculture production throughout the world and are having a major detrimental impact on national economies in some countries and regions. These disease outbreaks threaten to limit the sustainability of this rapidly expanding sector unless the governance of Veterinary Services and Aquatic Animal Health Services is strengthened so that effective aquatic animal health policies and programmes complying with OIE standards are implemented to prevent or control these disease outbreaks.

WorldFish Principal Scientist, Dr. Vishnumurthy Mohan Chadag will be presenting the presentation on Biosecurity in tilapia production schedule as below:

  • Session 2: Biosecurity in aquaculture: Day 2: Wednesday 3 April 2019, 11.10 am to 11.30 am

The Conference programme will focus on four key themes:

  • Managing transboundary and emerging diseases
  • Biosecurity in aquaculture
  • Advances in disease management
  • Supporting implementation of OIE International Standards


Watch the livestream here!

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