A UN Food System Pre-Summit Affiliated Session exploring solutions for addressing the triple burden of malnutrition through diversified diets while safeguarding the planet. 

Date: Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Time: 13:30-14:20 (CEST)

Watch the event recording:

Our current food systems are broken. They neither work for the planet, nor do they support good nutrition and health. This is because they are not people or public goods centred, but rather commodity-focused. Consequently, there is a need to sharpen the human rights lens if we are to address the triple burden of malnutrition through diversified diets and safeguard the planet.

In this Affiliated Session on ‘Putting nutrition at the centre of food systems transformation ’ hosted by UN Nutrition and other influential partners, food and nutrition development experts came together to discuss the actions needed to scale up effective laws, policies and programmes, such as incorporating food-based dietary guidelines, to achieve sustainable healthy diets, especially in support of countries implementing them.

WorldFish’s Global Lead in Nutrition and Public Health, Shakuntala Thilsted, joined the expert panel, drawing on her expertise as Vice Chair of the Summit’s Action Track 4 on ‘Advancing Equitable Livelihoods,’ to share her insights on the role of aquatic foods systems, from marine to inland waterbodies, in building resilient food systems, ensuring the right to adequate food and in increasing women’s agency and empowerment.

Thilsted presented her view on solutions to improve governance of aquatic resources, especially to ensure no woman, child or person should be deprived of the right to food ‒ nutritious food ‒ or good nutrition. She discussed the most important priority action to move forward as an output of the UN Food Systems Summit.

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