10 Sep 2019

On the second day of the World Seafood Congress, 10 September 2019, Tuesday, The Multi-regional perspective for delivering Sustainable Development Goals Session will be chaired and organized by WorldFish, an international non-profit research organization working in Africa, Asia and the Pacific and member of the CGIAR a global agriculture research partnership for a food secure future. 

The CGIAR Research Program on Fish Agri-Food Systems (FISH CRP) led by WorldFish, aims to enhance the sustainability, productivity and resilience of fish agri-food systems to reduce poverty, enhance food and nutrition security, and improve natural resource systems. FISH pursues its integrated body of research in six focal countries (Bangladesh, Cambodia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Tanzania and Zambia) and two research and training hub in Egypt and Solomon Islands.

Four years since the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, the 2019 UN’s SDGs Report notes progress in some areas, such as on extreme poverty reduction, widespread immunization, decrease in child mortality rates and increase in people’s access to electricity, but warns that global response has not been ambitious enough, leaving the most vulnerable people and countries to suffer the most.

This session aims to give a multi-regional perspective for delivering sustainable development goals highlighting the research impact on small scale fisheries and aquaculture in developing economies as well as to provide an overview of the regions implementation efforts, areas of progress and areas where more action needs to be taken to ensure no one is left behind and that the SDGs will be met by 2030. 

Download the agenda here. 

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