Kenya and its co-hosts Canada and Japan are inviting the world to Nairobi for the first global conference on the sustainable blue economy. The goal of the conference is to have action-oriented discussions regarding a sustainable blue economy that is people-centric with ocean-driven investments.

Over 7,000 participants from 150 countries are expected to attend the conference, which will showcase 300+ events and 200+ speakers. The theme of the conference is: Blue Economy and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

WorldFish Director General Dr. Gareth Johnstone has been invited as a keynote speaker and will be chairing the plenary session on Ending hunger, securing food supplies and promoting good health and sustainable fisheries. In addition, Gender Research Leader Dr. Cynthia McDougall, together with FISH CRP Independent Steering Committee Member Editrudith Lukanga will be presenting several themes related to women in the blue economy.