WorldFish Headquarters
25 Feb 2019 to 1 Mar 2019

Under the leadership of the WorldFish Director of Aquaculture and Science & FISH Director and MC Chair, Dr. Michael Phillips together with Human Condition Management Consulting (HCMC) group will be organizing a five-day leadership development program.

The five objectives of the program will encompass as below :

  1. Enhance the effectiveness of the Science leadership team through enhanced team performance
  2. Clarify expectations and priorities of the WorldFish Executive Team and Country Leaders and align with the Science Leadership Team priorities
  3. Facilitate agreement of a coherent Research Vision, Program Narrative, Research Priorities and Deliverables for execution in 2019
  4. Determine effective strategies for enhancing the performance, mobilisation and alignment of the research teams
  5. Strengthen the leadership capability of all leaders involved in the program 

Ultimately the program seeks to contribute to enhance the coherence of research teams, strengthen the leadership capabilities by benchmarking unity, cohesion, leadership and research priorities and deliverables.