FishBase - SeaLifeBase Symposium
(Hybrid virtual/ in person)

5 - 6th September 2022
WorldFish, Penang, Malaysia

On 5 - 6th September 2022, the annual FishBase/SeaLifeBase symposium will be held at WorldFish, Penang.

This symposium will be an opportunity to illustrate the different uses of FishBase and SeaLifeBase in the fields of ecology, biogeography, fisheries, taxonomy or aquariology. It will highlight the contribution of these two global information systems to the knowledge of biodiversity and the sustainable use of aquatic ecosystems, and those from various other databases.



About FISHBASE and SeaLifeBase


Fishbase and SeaLifeBase are online, publicly accessibly information systems on aquatic species. They are used by specialist researchers and hobbyists worldwide for information (data, illustrations, bibliographic references) on more than 40,000 species. Species can be searched for by common name, genus, species, geography, family, ecosystem, literature reference, tools, and more in many foreign languages.

Fishbase is linked to other databases, such as the Catalogue of Fishes, GenBank and LarvalBase, as well as to a partner journal, Acta Ichthyologica and Piscatoria. Mirror sites are available in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Chinese and Arabic.

Fishbase was started in 1990 by WorldFish in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and other partners. Since 2000, FishBase has been run by the FishBase Consortium, comprised of globally renowned museums, universities and NGOs.


List of speakers 

  • Eddie Allison (WorldFish)
  • Daniel Pauly (UBC)
    More on the gill-oxygen limitation theory
  • Rainer Froese (GEOMAR)
    Estimating somatic growth from maximum age or maturation
  • Alex Tilley (WorldFish)
    Leveraging decentralised communities for sustainable financing of public knowledge goods
  • Deng Palomares (UBC)
    Interrelationships between temperature, growth parameters and activity level in fishes
  • Jos Snoeks (Africa Museum)
  • Cheuk Ho Wu (SWIMS)
  • Athanassios Tsikliras (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
  • Nicolas Bailly (QQuatics)
    Choosing how to consume data from FishBase and SeaLifeBase: database, website, R package, API, WoRMS
  • Austin Humphries (University of Rhode Island, USA)
  • Cornelia Nauen (Mundus maris asbl)
  • Fabrice Teletchea (Université de Lorraine)
    Assessment of the why and how Aquariums and FishBase can work together to improve the knowledge and conservation of fish. What’s next?

Organizing committee


  1. Alex Tilley, Senior Scientist - 2022/23 Chair of the FishBase Consortium

Organizing Committee Members

  1. Aniss Khalid, Communications Officer - Events and Media Monitoring, Communications
  2. Daniel Purba, Senior IT Engineer, MIS (Management Information Systems)
  3. Edward Allison, Acting Director Sustainable Aquatic Foods Systems
  4. Emily Khor, Portfolio Manager, Project Management Unit
  5. Essam Mohammed, Interim Director General and Acting Senior Director of Aquatic Foods Systems
  6. Florine Lim, Interim Global Communications Lead, Communications
  7. Kalah Devi Muniandy, Procurement Specialist, Procurement
  8. Muhammad Hafizullah Mirhassan, Research Program Specialist, Cross-cutting
  9. Patric Lim, Management Information Systems Lead, MIS (Management Information Systems)
  10. Pauline Michael, Office Administrator, Project Management Unit
  11. Shng Shng Sam, Webmaster, Communications
  12. Salina Ariffin, Executive Secretary, Administration
  13. Sean Lee, Science Communications Specialist, Communications
  14. Siew Hua Koh, Administrative Executive, Administration


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