The aim

An Honorary Fellowship is a prestigious award that WorldFish bestows on prominent international science leaders with the aim of connecting them to the core of WorldFish’s research, research staff and national partners.

Through this fellowship, a WorldFish Honorary Fellow will contribute to WorldFish’s mission to strengthen livelihoods and enhance food and nutrition security by improving fisheries and aquaculture globally.

The criteria

An Honorary Fellow will be a person recognized as having made an outstanding contribution to their chosen field; a field that will be directly relevant to WorldFish mission and research impacts. The Fellow will have outstanding academic qualifications, substantial research publications and a proven commitment to research embedded in and contributing to development.

The expectation

During the fellowship period, an Honorary Fellow is expected to contribute to the production of high impact paper and reports to make our work more accessible to influential actors, responsive to development needs and impactful in terms of research and development outcomes. The Fellow will also provide thought leadership to the senior executive, contribute to WorldFish’s research direction and impact pathways, function as a mentor to WorldFish’s research leadership and act as an ambassador for WorldFish.

The appointment

The Director General will make direct appointments following consultation with WorldFish’s research leadership and the Executive Team for a period of up to 3 years.

Visiting Professor
Global Lead for Social and Economic Inclusion